Humans are very resilient and adaptable beings and we learn well what we need to do to survive.  Sometimes in order to get along in life or get along with others, we hide our truest selves and suppress our inner voice.  This helps us fly under the radar and avoid conflict and rejection.  Often we learn these coping strategies in childhood and never go back to re-evaluate if they are still working for us.  Symptoms like depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship and self-esteem problems can all stem from coping this way.  Muting our inner voice helps us get along in the world at the cost of being disconnected from our authentic selves. 


Through deep listening, with empathy and compassion, I can help you reconnect with that voice.  I give feedback and insight, and I constructively challenge patterns and beliefs that may be getting in your way.  Together we can work to understand the roots of the challenges you are experiencing in your life.  Some challenges can be resolved and some require coping strategies that can be developed by identifying your internal and external resources and building on your strengths.  “It is never too late to be who you were meant to be.”  George Eliot

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